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What It All Means? (Confederation Cup Final)

July 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Wow been almost a year since my previous post on my blog! crapady crap! šŸ˜›

Ā braspa

Well the world of football was only talking about this clash of titans after the conclusion of the semis. Its was tipped to be Brazil’s chance to show what they were made of and a chance for theĀ Spaniards to add to their growing trophy cabinet.

To be frank both teams showed really good skills through the tournament with the Brazilians getting back to boca jonito of sorts. They seemed to have lost that flare which they were better known for. Pure skill and arrogance to show off these were what champion Brazilian teams showcased on a consistent bases.

Spain on the other hand seem to be dominating the world withĀ tiki taka for about 5 years now collecting 1 World cup and 2 European cups. Many find this style really boring as it mainly revolves around possession play and short intricate passing. This has mainly been a major influence from the style followed at F.CĀ Barcelona.

One thing I observed in the finals was that the fans as crazy! Literally crazy for football and more so for team Brazil. Its almost like they make themselves feel like the 12th man on the team. Its going to be one hell of a powerful influence if you ask me in next years FIFA world cup. Opponents as experienced as Spain were also effected by this.

Brazilian coach Luis Felipe Scolari (at the helm for the second time) has done one heck of a job in making this team with a lot of youthful influence. The players seem to have gelled well and pace of their play seems to be their biggest weapon. All this according to me is mainly thanks to their key wingers inĀ Hulk and Neymar. These two when in full flow send shivers down defenders as once the escape its hard to keep up.

Neymar had lot of gossip going around before the tournament thanks to his big money move to F.C Barcelona. Many would agree he hadn’t done much so far, other than show off skills that we love and a few wonder goals. But I have to say he exploded in this tournament big time. His influence in terms of play and on the other players to perform better is exceptional. He brings me glimpses of Ronaldinho on the pitch. Some of his goals in this tournament proved why the big bucks were needed for his services and all that talk doing the rounds was justified.


Spain on the other hand (just as Barcelona at the hands of Bayern) were caught out big time. Their style of play has its own faults where they try to pass the ball straight through the center. I do agreeĀ Iniesta and Xavi are more than capable of doing it but they have been put under lot of pressure with teams understanding tiki taka and ways to get around it.

Spain’s defense has been one to worry as Gerard Pique isn’t his usual self these days. He seems to have lost pace and with most of the team bombing forward (including Sergio Ramos at times) its leaves a lot on him to handle when opponents make their fast counter attacks.

Iker Casillas (I consider him one of the best goal-keepers around) hasn’t been up-to the mark too. His confidence sure has hit a low after the previous season, with Jose Mourinioh dishing out some serious stuff. He still has time for redemption but the next season with Real Madrid will play a big factor for him.


But my only concern for Brazil would be their bench strength. Their starting 11 seems to be set and bloody strong. But suppose someone gets injured and can’t play then is the bench ready to play at the same level (I have my doubts). Teams like Germany and Spain have that huge advantage where they have wealth of talent to choose from. This could be a serious factor in the coming world cup.

But then what this all means is teams now will aspire to win games which previously they would have given hope on (playing for a draw of sorts). Spain have lost their invisibility. Brazil are high on confidence. And football is in a new era where the style of successful football could just have a new definition of sorts.


Exciting Times ahead if you ask me. For a Football lover noting could be better. \m/