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Sony Rolly !

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Awesome! ūüėÄ

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Wireless charging !

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definitely worth the effort!

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Google snares Motorola!

August 16, 2011 4 comments


Google has once again taken a huge leap by acquiring Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash.  It is by far the largest investment done by Google and the speed in which it has be carried out shows how serious they are in trying to safe guard their Android OS. It would now mean they directly compete with likes of Apple and Research in Motion directly bringing a new dimension into the mobile world!

This show of intent and execution has show how Google are not just satisfied with just developing the Android mobile OS but they wish to get into the market themselves, considering it has significantly taken over the market-share.  As of now through sources Motorola Mobility will act as a separate business under the arm of Google.

The 63% acquisition costing Google about $40 per share has been in the rumour mill considering Google missed out on Nortel which as we know was taken over by a consortium of players which Google claims were playing behest for Microsoft, Apple etc.

Highlighting the “openness” of the Android platform, the mobile operating system will still be available for other manufactures,¬†Google CEO Larry Page said, ¬†‚ÄúMany hardware partners have contributed to Android‚Äôs success‚ÄĚ and is keen to ‚Äúwork with all of them to deliver outstanding user experiences‚ÄĚ.

However, the deal is subject to shareholder and regulatory approval in the United States and under the European Commission which as people speculate would be routine work for Google.

The Main reason for Google to go in for such a huge investment was due to the war waging in courts across the globe involving Google, Apple and Microsoft on the patent front. Google is¬†publicly¬†positioning the deal not as a means to buy its way into the handset market, but as an opportunity to buy Motorola’s portfolio of patents – some 17,000 of them.¬†To some extent this¬†acquisition¬†may solve the problem.

Google thou has some win-win situations arising from the deal,

With the patents issue being the main reason, Google also now has got into its treasure trove set-top box business which was under Motorola Mobility. Considering along with Cisco, Motorola Mobility happen to be the market leaders in various markets.  now Google can grow upon this base to improve its foothold!

But many would suggest Google would now face questions from other manufactures about them getting into the market and fighting directly with the likes of HTC and Samsung who have invested and got Android in some sense to it’s present market share! but as of now the company has categorically stated that it intents to keep Android OS as open as it is today!



Google has not only ensured Android remains a key player in the market, But also put immense pressure on Nokia and RIM to come up with better shit!! Microsoft now must some how acquire a player who could help propel its Window Mobile OS platform and¬†rumor¬†has it they may just think of¬†acquiring Nokia or RIM! Wouldn’t that be news.

All i can say is it’s a Win-Win situation for customers due to such immense¬†competition¬†in the market!


Neo-Cube #

June 18, 2011 2 comments

Awesome! ūüôā

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Curious Case Of The Cloud!

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With the sudden burst of “Cloud Computing” in the field technology, a debate rages on whether it is a sustainable approach in the long run. We should go about putting the pros and cons head to head so as to understand if we do need this intriguing tech to make the world a better place.

Steve Jobs announcing iCloud has caused a flutter after Google had previously put in the public domain its plans of the Cloud based operating system – Chrome OS. With it being fully based on the Cloud services it basically does our everyday normal computing in a cloud that is¬†accessible¬†through internet connection. It has put forth the debate about the security of the data and its reliability. Analysts are sceptically about people putting all their vital info in the hands of Google, Apple or any other company for that manner, They feel it’s a high risk to take considering the volume of cyber-crime being high these days!

Cloud based services on one hand offer various advantages of fast and efficient facilities to the customer with so many wonderful applications available to them at the click of a button. Music on the go, Apps up for use, Data back-up instantly etc, the customer has such varied functionalities at their disposal for a price worth thou. Such is the advantages that one would instantly consider it an essential and a dream from some Sci-fi movie but data security is a prime issue and also the availability of high-speed INTERNET connectivity is not available to the majority of the countries. We could say such tech may just about be available to a small percentage of people across the globe  (India may have a long wait till it catches up) .

To conclude, I would wait for further advances in the technology so that we can use this multi-facet tool to its fullest but have a rational approach towards the security of data and its availability to the masses!

Clash Of The Titans !

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Wembley, 28th May 2011

With hype that this would be Alex Ferguson‚Äôs chance for redemption on one hand and Barcelona’s chance to cement their credentials of being the best team in the world, this mouth-watering clash was just what the neutrals ordered to bring a close to the football carnival in Europe! With the raw force of Rooney guiding united to their 3rd final in 4 years and on the other hand the mesmerizing skills on Messi Who has out done himself my scoring goals for fun!

With as many as 220 million television viewers watching the epic final that offered different styles of play pitted against each other. With the flamboyant possession football that starves the opponents played out by the Le Marcia grown players and with United’s fast paced counter-attacking style that has taken down so many in the past and Octopus Iker tipping United to win had the Spanish fans in a little bother, with Alex Ferguson with one eye on the record books and other on the tactical style of Pep Guardiola’s wonders. It seemed an Ideal finish to a season that threw so many surprises such as Schalke, Gareth Bale etc to name a few.



When the whistle was blown by the referee to kick-start the final it seemed that Barca neatly got into their passing routine in the early stages but to the surprise of many United were eager to close their opponents and paid of with United coming up on top in the opening 20 minutes or so. But Barcelona gained a grip on the game and were rewarded a goal by Pedro who was picked out beautifully by Xavi in the 27th minute. United were on the back-foot but kept their defense organized with Vidic putting in vital tackles in. In the 34th minute a swift move on the right flank and neat inter-play saw Rooney equalize with a shot into left top corner! The half came to close with a deadlock between the sides.



The second half saw the usual passing proves of Barca and in the 54th minute with Messi finding a little space to play around in front of United’s box fired a thunderous low shot that beat Van der Sar to his left, thus scoring his first goal on English soil! With Barca having full control on the game at this stage Alex sent Nani to improve his attack but Messi with a lighting move on the right side skipped passed Nani and got into the box to put the alarm bells ringing. The ball found its way to David Villa who curled a beauty into the top right corner leaving Van Der Sar no chance thus sealing the clash for good!



With the final whistle the game, saw the Barca players erupt in joy which saw them do a double with the league and the champions league for the 4th time in their history. United on the other hand lamenting a chance lost to add to their trophy cabinet!

It say's it all!

It say's it all!

Sir Alex Ferguson

“They do mesmerize you with their passing. We never really controlled Messi, but many people said that. We never really closed the midfield well enough to counter them. It’s alien to us to try to man-mark players. We tried to play as normally as we can. In my time as a manager it is the best team we have faced. No one has given us a hiding like that” said Alex Ferguson after the game.

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola said “I didn’t see the Ajax of Cruyff, I didn’t see the Real Madrid of Di Stefano and I didn’t see the Santos of Pele. But if in 10 or 15 years time people remember us for the football that we are playing now, that will make me very happy. If you play this football you need these players. At another club may be I would have problems. I feel privileged to have these players. My future will be very tough as I’ll be at another club with other players, thinking ‘where are these kinds of players?’ “.

It was a final played in great spirits between the teams and it will be interesting to see what future battles between the teams holds for us!

Sarcasm at its Best!

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