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Torres – Boon or Bane !



  • El Niño (The Kid in Spanish)
  • 75 goals in 174 La Liga games
  • fastest player in Liverpool history to score 50 league goals
  • World cup winner in 2010
  • At the age of 19, Torres was named Atlético’s captain

With Chelsea spending, Roman Abramovich’s fortune to the tune of £50 million this prolific striker not only left his torrid experience at Liverpool of late but might have taken a huge decision that might affect his career at large!

Becoming the fourth most expensive footballer in history, he now has a lot of dues to repay the Billionaire who according to various reports might have been behind him coming to Stamford Bridge in the first place.

As far as my knowledge of football goes I would say he is by far a truly a brilliant player with bags full of pace and finishing of the highest quality but is this move a required one for both the club and player??

With Chelsea mainly playing a diamond come 4-3-3 formation it makes no sense for the team to buy a out-and-out center forward! Now Chelsea have to basically reorder their formations if the likes of Drogba ( another truly awesome striker ) to gel with Torres. Normal trend in there silver-ware winning seasons  Chelsea played with a two wide wing come forward style system where Florent Malouda on the left who would provide the crosses and dangerous runs to the centrally placed players of the likes of Drogba and Lampards and the other side covered  with Anelka or Kalou probing the defences for openings!

But with the burden to settle in Torres into the team a new system has to be formulated with Torres not suited to wide play ( unlike his Spanish counter-part Villa at Barcelona ) , Carlo Ancelotti has to wonders as far as i see it!

David Luiz was a though-out buy but as far as my opinion goes Torres might just be a glamour buy! Football sense might say he is too good a player to harm the system but add value in his skills but naturally this transition was not required during Chelsea’s worst run of form!

Liverpool chants at the bridge > ” You should have been at a REAL club!! ” , took my breath away Lol! The poster boy of the mercy side is now all but out of fans with the new Luis Suarez who seems to have brought back the magic in the Red’s and a very talented Andy Carrol waiting to be unleashed, i may have to conclude Liverpool might just have gotten the better deal in many ways!

=> Ancelotti was adamant that the Spain striker’s arrival had not been disruptive, saying: “It is not the fault of Fernando, obviously. I think that he needs to have time. In my opinion, he played well for 60 minutes against Fulham. He had two or three opportunities. He didn’t score but he will score, obviously. He needs to have time, but playing, to improve his combination with the other players. It will take time playing with us”


Coming seasons might prove me correct or wrong, who knows but a buy like this aint to my logic valid at all!

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