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Well its about time in type about this awesome trip to IITM that i had in the very short but eventful holidays! Well being part of QuizCorp has its advantages such as seniors who know exactly how to plan these trips with out which I doubt it would have happened!

               Well first thoughts that went through my head when I heard about it was that I could go to the holi grail that i once sort was a prospect I doubt I would reject! It was almost like a dream come true!


               We left Bangalore (The best city in the world!) on 21st january by a night train that of all the cruel timing had to start at 11:45 !! Along wait in the station for the Chennai Express was a bit monotonous cause not just me but the entire bunch were eager to leave for what could turn out to be an awesome trip!

                   As we reached Madras(as it was known not so long ago) we actually didn’t think too much about the impending breakfast but were eager to get to the IIT campus cause events were about to start at 9! We walked across the station to reach the local train platform to catch a train to somewhere i had no idea of but it was where we were supposed to head to! As the train started of  with in 10 or 15 seconds of its arrival i kinda tried to imagine how our “namma Metro” might be in the near future! It breezed past a certain chempak stadium most of us have seen on TV and i had the ever eager Savio (Nishant Savio) all pumped up cause he had already planned on the events he would take part in! He was so exited he kept asking a local for when the stop would arrive in english but he seemed to think it was all alien talk! Finally the stop arrived and we all hopped of fearing we might be taken away to the next stop! Then a long but so tiring walk brought us to IITM!

                      Upon arrival i was curiously staring at the layout of the campus put near tha entrance while the rest of the traveling party tried to catch their breath! It seemed a bit huge!! I wondered……….

                   Because I didn’t do prior research i didn’t know it spanned 700 acres and getting lost was too easy of a job to carry out! A bus was standing quite close and i thought it was put in to supply cause of the fest but a senior told its the usual means of transport in this campus! All my whining about walking across RV being tiring seemed to futile an excuse now!!

                                     We reached the REG desk where everyone were so exited they all seemed to vanish into thin air after herein about a BIZ quiz! I ended up in a hall hearing savio sing and he seriously did a good job of some old musical piece! Then I was of to the hospitality section but didn’t know where to go! Upon asking a volunteer i got a map (like it helped), I actually ended up going around in circles for 30 minutes but finally found the hostel where out station students were given accommodation! On reaching it that guy asked for college name, team name etc but then came a big sucker punch he asked me to deposit 11K right away!!! (what irony) , Then i walked all the way back trying to find the rest of the exited bunch so that we could check in!

                          (Oh ya!! was it time for lunch or breakfast) A constant question that quizzed me cause i totally had lost all my time sense! I meet up with varun and suganthar who made had arrived the previous day(who also had problem getting around but were lucky to have a helping hand from arun a resident at IIT m! After around one and half or two days I kinda realised where what was in this hugeeeee campus! 

                              I participated in a few quizzes (never thought I would go past the 1st round and that happened!!) and then there were events i badly wanted to take part in such as JAM and potpourri but missed them either cause my team mates where fast a sleep or I was told that JAM registration was RS 500 when i got up in the morning as if of JAM!! And by the way people at Saarang all events are open and entry fee free!! My luck…Gotta try my luck next year!

                        But the stay was awesome fun, meet a few old friends, a lot of brainiacs and others fun chaps making my trip all the more awesome! AND the highlight was the Shankar Ehsaan Loy Show!! \m/

                        This show seriously was worth its prize and i was so lucky to even have my hands on that ticket! I happened to buy the tickets with 3 others and we bagged the last four tickets! woo hoo…    AND during the show Shankar asked if a tamil song could be sung and since we are in Madras it got a load roar but when he asked if a Telugu song could be sung i was shocked by the response cause it totally out shined the previous roar comprehensively!!

                      As the days rolled by I didn’t quite how fast time flows when we have fun! But as they say all good things come to an end eventually! And 26th came and we had to leave this institution that was developed in a forest like area with black bucks walking all over the place! (i had one walking along with me in the night at round 3am and i only realised it when a lamp-post shone upon this creäture!)

                       We made a mad scramble for the return train making it 10 minutes from the departure time! All I did on the return trip was SLEEP!! must be all that sleep I skipped in the past few days watching events late in to the night! But as the train rolled into Bangalore Railway Station it not only reunited me with the city I most love but brought down the curtain to an amazing trip that i would never forget!


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  1. roshini
    February 7, 2010 at 3:59 PM

    What a great experience you have had.!!!


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