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D Start!

It started a long time before my pre-university exams and other competitive exam with my parents and most of my relatives who went on about the start of my professional career and its importance. All i felt was why was all this hype being built up!

It all started with my counselling at cet then my own ego never letting me to go anywhere other than RVCE brought me to industrial engineering management at this prestigious institution. Doubt if i will ever regret that decision but as far as i can say time is the ultimate decider!

I even visited college a few times before its real start to get a feel of the place i would be spending those all important 4 years. Must be weird but aren’t we humans with weird notions! But each time I learnt something different,well its RVCE after all!

The unofficial start i suppose was the day of the inauguration which kind of was good meeting a few old chaps and feeling a sense of uneasy calm! The performance by the CAT team and some interesting words of wisdom by the college management and guests. Then came the orientation day which was supposed to put in to our ,minds the do’s and dont’s of the college(dont know how far it helped but still) and how the system works and what is expected from us as students who hence forth carry the lineage of this institution!

The 1st day arrived with all of us tucked into the respective classrooms with all our classmates. An unknown relem with each one not knowing who each other where or did we really care was the biggest question! Each one got of to a slow start with a smile here and a smile there and then each one went of giving the all important 1st introduction which in most cases(at least for me) sets up a decent impression about that person. But there where a few cases where i was wrong after all to err is human!

As the days progressed I kinda realised how lucky i was to have people with diverse skills around me and how much i needed to improve! The classes went in full swing from day one!!(seniors had warned me) and it kinda became monotonous at times but still we did manage to have our fun with bunking a few classes here and there! then i suppose people started interacting with other department Rvites that kinda broke the ice among many of us and improved the atmosphere in college! I would say even the bus journey in the college bus was an amazing time with a cool bunch of people from corners of Karnataka I didn’t know much about contributing to the college fun i seemed to have. I suppose my most Fav and important Adda in college would be the new sports complex not much because of the basketball court but cause it provided the best place to play Football..!!

The semester was filled with quizzes and test which seemed to pounce upon us one after the other! Really hectic if you ask me but in the end i suppose i managed to do a decent job of it!Plus me joining a really cool bunch of fellow Rvites in the Quiz Corp which is this really awesome group of people who not only do justing quizzing but also a whole lot of other things! The touch of college department fest also helped improve our stressed out minds to distress with all the events ranging from Mini football, Treasure hunts, gaming, DC/pictionary, band performances etc..(waiting eagerly for the up coming fest!)

As the semester unfolded it became clear we didn’t have much time left before the dreaded end sem exams! Well not much preparation from my side was there for these exams and they arrived at last not that i was eager but with all the tension in the air not in my mind at least but people around me kinda confused me whether I was well prepared or over-confident!(time again was the decider) but I suppose it went decently for a decent performance! all I would say was “It came, we where there, and then it went away leaving us with boring holidays”!!

I suppose this might sum up my 1st semester to a very brief extent! Glad to see people went on to read up to this line!

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  1. Prashanth D.G
    January 13, 2010 at 3:13 AM

    Nice one Bala šŸ™‚

  2. roshini
    January 14, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    You have got nice blog here.. keep it going šŸ™‚

    love roshini

  3. Amrita Koley
    January 14, 2010 at 9:08 AM

    nice blog…keep writing dis..!!!

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