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Wake Up India!

Parliament Of India

Parliament Of India

Well the recent incident about baning a controversial book by jaswanth singh in Gujarat made me feel India might be coming under the thinking of a few people who perceive themselves to be “WISE”!!India has reached a stage where the people of this great nation  need to be let lose in the sense there creative minds should not be held with in bounds because it obstructs the growth of few narrow minded people. 

The attack on women in Mangalore is a classical case where vandalism has taken over concernfor the society.They may portray themselves as doing good for the societybut i feel they are not given that power by us.Similarly there are many more such incidents where people from other states write railway entrances examination in another state and they are forced out by hooligans proclaiming they are doing good to the community! but aren’t we all INDIANS first then everything else!We must not just proclaim “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”but must show the world that India is truly a region where many diverse people come together to keep the tricolour flying high.Even the removal of the girl in Mangalore for wearing a head scarf in college is such narrow mindedness of people in India that i don’t seem to understand don’t they have bigger concerns such as….

Bricks or Books!

Bricks or Books!

  • Poverty
  • Malnutrition
  • Illiteracy
  • Basic Infrastructure[road,drain etc]
  • Child Labour
  • Child marriage
  • Deforestation
count the house ppl!

count the no. of houses people!!

The list is endless but we need not stop at just stating them but must come out with bills with proper content and must “implement” them correctly!

The vibrant culturethat India has nurtured through the ages is a classical case where people where not held by boundaries.We have grown so fast that some people at the helm of the power pyramid seem to be left behind but it is not them to be blamed but we the people who elect such people to represent us during the greatest event in the world called elections.You might i am a fool to state elections as the greatest thing in the world but realise the fact that we have the largest number of people exercising there adult franchise at any one time during this mammoth elections!We owe ourselves not a apology but must sit down and think have we done Justice to the power given by those who wrote the longest and most detailed Constitution.I am sure they would not have mistaken the power we have with in us.We need to stand up and not shout slogans and say the system is not proper but must help make the system cleaner in the small way we can.The person who told “Oceans are made from small droplets” was not in an imaginary world but stated it may be keeping our example as a reference.

So people who  have read this dont just read my view for “TIMEPASS!” but think about want INDIA can become and help the nation become better.



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  1. prithvi
    August 21, 2009 at 12:51 PM

    nice one bala ….nice of you to open some peoples minds who are least bothered about the politics in the country they actually live in…keep going man great work…

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